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    Welcome to Weifang Zhongyi measuring tools Co., Ltd

    Zhongyi measuring

    Frame level, strip level, optical image level, etc

    Your reliable measuring tool expert

    Service hotline:13516383208

    Purchasing Hotline:13516383208

    Provide the best products, the best service

    Weifang Zhongyi measuring tools Co., Ltd. is located in Weifang, the beautiful kite city. The company is adjacent to Qingdao port in the south, Weifang port in the north, and close to Jiqing and Rongwu expressways and 309 National Highway. Convenient transportation, beautiful environment, outstanding people, unique geographical location. The company mainly produces "Zhongyi brand" various specifications of frame level, strip level, optical image level, V-shaped frame, surface roughness sample block, concentricity measurement instrument....

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